Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Retirement Advice

I'm reading Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon and ran across this quote that I found inspiring.

Under his regime the springhouse was invisibly but strictly divided into three parts. There was the reading room---the two wing-backed armchairs and pair of lamps, an electric space heater, and a wall lined with bookshelves filled with his metallurgical and music theory texts. In the central portion of the springhouse he had his laboratory---a stationary tub and a pair of workbenches, one cluttered, one spotless, upon which he carried out his mechanical and chemical activities, from toaster repair to the development of a substance that could stick to Teflon coating. On the far side of the room there was an army cot piled with blankets and a refrigerator replete with cans of Iron City Light, one of which---no more or less---he took, medicinally, every afternoon at five. It was an enviable setup; Irv had rediscovered, as surprisingly few men do, that the secret to perfect male happiness is a well equipped clubhouse.
Time to find the clubhouse.