Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Last Night in Mui Ne


Having breakfast at Wax in Mui Ne. Just past Sunny Resort on beach side. It's a bit more expensive than Lam Ton but nicer. The breakfast is more like $1.5 instead of $1. It also has a pool table. The place is hidden away from the main street. I heard that the Wifi was fast but it's not working at all. The manager says it's on but I'm pretty sure he has no clue. Update: It's working now and I'm getting really fast speeds!

Looks like we're not going to have morning wind today. So much for the prediction from WindGuru. Yesterday was great though. My best day ever of kite surfing. I'm now able to consistently get up and head down wind for 20 meters or so.

Last night we had drinks at Beach Break Bar on the strip. They make a pretty decent Mojito and they are 2 for 1, which means 50,000 vnd ($3). I ordered my second Mojito just as the taxis arrived to take us to dinner. I asked that they make mine to go. They put it in a little baggie with two straws and a rubber band holding the bag closed, very cute.

We then went to a local restaurant that specializes in goat. They cook the soup at the table in little pots. You get to put in your own veggies and noodles. It was pretty good. They also kept refilling the beer glasses. Since they put ice in the glasses, I poured the remnants of my Mojito into the glass; mint, lime, and all. This was actually pretty good. The beer here is very light, kind of like Corona, so a lime and some mint mixes pretty well. We probably had 40 people last night. The crowd as bigger than normal. It was kind of a going away party since a few of the folks who had been around for a week or so were heading out.

I met a Polish guy named Derek who is from Alameda. He's a finance guy and has been here for a couple of months. For some reason he started talking about 'the singularity' and Kuzweil's web site. Strangely enough, I had a copy of Charles Stross' Glasshouse with me, which is set in a post singularity future. I showed him the book. The back cover promotes Singularity Sky and another Stross title.

After dinner most folks went out to the Pogo bar. I was zonked from kite surfing, Mojito's, goat soup, and beer so I decided to head back to the hotel and get some sleep.