Monday, February 11, 2008

What? No Pants?

This morning I realized that it has been over two weeks since I wore pants or socks. OK, I've been wearing shorts and sandals, so it's not like I'm running around naked and barefoot or anything. It is kind of odd though. The last two weeks have been unusual in that we've been at the beach, so the no pants or socks thing isn't normal for me when I'm in Saigon. Here I usually work out at the gym, where I get my hour or so of sock wearing each day. However, I have noticed guys at the gym who wear flip flops (aka slippers in Vietnam). It's all fun and games, until someone smashes a toe!

A few weeks ago I ran into a guy who seemed to think it was OK to work out on the Stair Master without a shirt. I must say, it was quite disturbing. I noticed that he took off his t-shirt and folded it carefully before getting on the machine. Perhaps he just didn't want to get his shirt all sweaty. Back in the states we have signs in the gym with rules like "shirts must be worn while exercising". I always thought this was amusing. Would people really workout shirtless? Now I'm thinking of requesting such a sign from the management.