Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Landlord Eats Tenant's Dog

In growing tensions between landlords and tenants due to rising rents in and around HCMC, some landlords are taking intimidation to an entirely new level. In an incident recently reported by VietnamNet Bridge, local landlord Mrs. Quyen admits to killing, cooking, and eating her tenant's dog Fluffy. "I knew it was their pet," claims Mrs. Quyen. "I losing much money, must eat somehow," said Mrs. Quyen in her defense. "Dog have not much meat anyway. I still hungry," she added.

Mrs. Quyen and her tenant Mr. Willard have been at odds for several months now over their rental agreement. Two years ago Mr. Willard signed a five year lease on the District 2 villa owned by Mrs. Quyen, paying $2,000 USD per month for the property. Mrs. Quyen claims the property today would rent for more than $6,000 USD, maybe more. "I not take dollars next time," claims Mrs. Quyen. "American peso no good. I price rent in Euro now," said Mrs. Queyen. Even given the recent rebound in the dollar, many Vietnamese landlords now prefer to price their properties in the more highly valued euro.

Mr. Willard and his family, still mourning the loss of Fluffy, are stunned at this latest tactic designed to scare them out of the house. According to Mr. Willard, Mrs. Quyen is constantly driving by the rented house in her black Mercedes Benz, shouting obscenities in English, Vietnamese, and (strangely) Portuguese.

Mr. Willard claims he and his family will not be intimidated into moving out of the house until the end of 2010 when their lease is up. He says they may even buy a new and more sinewy dog to replace Fluffy.

Happy April Fools' Day!