Friday, September 7, 2007

Texas BBQ in Saigon

I was missing American food last week and so we had lunch at Texas BBQ, a restaurant in District 3. I had a burrito, which was good but strange. You can't tell from the picture but it seemed like a spring roll with cheese and chicken inside.

One strange thing about this place is that they served the food almost instantly. Loan had a BBQ sandwich, which came out in about 60 seconds. My spring roll burrito was right behind. It had cold cheese inside. After I ate a few bites, the heat from the grilled chicken started to melt the cheese and it tasted much better.

I also found my first dark beer here in Vietnam. Not bad, but I still miss my Fat Tire beer.

I like this last picture for the juxtaposition of the iced coffee and the beer. It also has an interesting digital photo artifact at the bottom. Perhaps my RAZR was adversely effected by the heat and humidity. That would make two of us.

Texas BBQ - 206 Pasteur St, District 3, T: (08) 823 1459.