Friday, October 5, 2007

Don Diego's of Indian Wells

Ah, back the the US for some nice Mexican Food. The hotel concierge recommended Don Diego's and it was a great suggestion. Since we were dining at 4pm due to jet lag, we fit right in with the retired folks heading out for the early bird specials. (There are a lot of retired folks here it seems.) They had a special on margaritas, only $3. All appetizers were half off as well. It's sort of a standing joke that when you get old you start loosing your sense of taste. At dinner I noticed an older couple sitting near us. When the chips came, the older lady took a bite of one and immediately went for the salt shaker, adding a generous amount of salt to her chips. I can't imagine salting tortilla chips, which are already very salty. I suppose I shouldn't talk, you can see my salt rimmed margarita in the foreground here. Yum!

The Palm Springs area is great. The weather this time of year is perfect. We're in the middle of a desert and the sun is very hot midday, but it's a dry heat. The surrounding mountains make for a wonderful backdrop. I can see why so many people retire here. In a lot of ways it's like Las Vegas without the cheese. They even have streets named after old time entertainers here, like Bob Hope. It seems this is where Hollywood comes to retire.