Monday, October 29, 2007

Rainy Week in Dalat

We just got back from five days in Dalat. We stayed at the Evason Ana Mandara Villas & Spa. The Ana Mandara Villas are great. The rooms are in renovated, circa 1920, French villas. Each villa has a butler who takes care of you while you're there. This is a nice touch. Our villa had four large suites, three of which we rented. There is a common area with kitchen, dining room, and sitting room. The suites have very comfortable beds, fireplaces, satellite TV, DVD players, and large bathrooms with big tubs. One reason to go to Dalat is to get away from the noise and pollution of the city. These villas are a great place to relax. Since it's on the outskirts of Dalat, it's very quiet. The rooms have blackout shades so you can sleep as late as you like.

The restaurant, Villa 9, is amazing. Breakfast is included with your stay and it's not to be missed. This is the best coffee and croissants I've had in Vietnam. They kick it off with a plate of fresh fruit. Dalat is known for its fruit and the staff at Villa 9 take advantage of this bounty in creating this fruit plate. Besides the pastries and coffee, you have a wide selection including Vietnamese Phỏ as well as western style breakfast fare. Don't forget to try the restaurant for dinner either. The Aussie beef filet mignon is very good.

On Saturday we tried out the Six Senses Spa and were very pleased. The Vietnamese massage was great. It's a deep tissue massage but they finish it off with medicine cups on your back. These are the glass jars that they heat and then place on your back. It immediately sticks to your skin because of the suction from the cooling air inside the jar. The masseuse then slides the cup around your back, massaging as she goes. They seem to know just how hot to make the cups so they don't burn your skin but are pleasantly warm.