Monday, May 26, 2008

Back in Saigon

Made it back to Saigon. Had a great time in New York and San Francisco. Was lucky enough not to wreck a car on this trip back, bringing my average below 50%. I hope I can get car insurance when we move back to the US.

Highlights from this trip:

Got up a few times
Learned that Sergey Brin is a pretty good at kiting
Got a nice new wetsuit
Met a lot of interesting folks (and more in June/July I hope)
  • Almost got the solar panel installation sorted with Solar City
  • Lots of killer workouts at the PAC
  • Researched getting my Instrument Flight Rating
  • Hung out with Omar and learned about his new startup
Today it's time to get a massage and try not to go to sleep until it gets dark!