Friday, January 11, 2008

Don't drop that iPhone!

One of the features I love about the iPhone is how easy it is to setup alarms. I have one set for 6am Monday through Friday as we need to get up that early to start our day. Since you can set the day of the week, no more rude awakenings on the weekends like we used to have.

Living in Vietnam, we also have power outages a few times a month. No problem for the iPhone, that alarm will still ring if the power is off.

It also has a useful countdown timer, great for naps. I'm still getting over jet lag so I set the timer for 30 minutes yesterday. I woke up feeling groggy, grabbed my iPhone and promptly dropped it on the floor. I've done this a few times, with no ill effect. This time the SIM card popped out slightly. Without thinking I pushed it back in. The screen said no service, no surprise. I restarted the phone and it came back with the dreaded Connect to iTunes screen. I did that and revived it partially. The Home button just doesn't work anymore, it occasionally makes weird clicking sounds, and it runs very hot at times.

Time to go shopping for a new phone. :-)