Monday, January 21, 2008

No AOL Video for Vietnam

Recently I ran across this entertaining video where Alec Baldwin promotes AOL Video. Since I used to work for AOL's Truveo, I found it particularly entertaining. (Especially the reference to Kevin Conroy at the beginning.) The sad part is that AOL doesn't allow Internet users in Vietnam (and probably most of the world outside of the US) from viewing this video. I understand that AOL can't make all that great Hulu content available outside the US because it's not their content. Certainly an ad for AOL itself shouldn't have geographic limits!

Don't get me wrong, I loved working for AOL and I think Truveo found a great home within AOL. This is just an example of how geographic rights just don't make sense in a the modern world. By enforcing an old media geolocation mentality, AOL is shooting itself in the foot.

Here's the video on Daily Motion:

Here's the AOL hosted version that won't play from Vietnam.

Let me know if you can play it from other countries. I'm curious if it's just blocked in Vietnam or other places as well.

BTW, ran across the video here. It triggered a Google Alert that I have set for Randy Falco, the CEO of AOL.