Thursday, January 31, 2008

King of Mũi Né

Yesterday, Wind Chimes Kite Surfing School held the third annual King of Mũi Né kiting contest. This is a kite surfing contest where only locals are allowed to compete. The judges are made up from the top surfers from a number of schools along the beach and were from a variety of European countries.

Part way through the competition the silver surfer showed up for some photo opportunities. Kin, who is always a kidder, tried to get him to drink a beer. His alien superskin rejected the inferior beverage. Apparently he only feeds off of light.

The competition came down to Phong and Kin. Both did some amazing stunts, including behind the back handle passes and flips at about 10 meters above the water. In the end Kin won the competition. Pretty impressive, especially after drinking a few Saigon Beers. Maybe they should sponsor him.